Applied for 5-40L Drawer, Cabinet, Counter, Bookshelf


Not even small spaces are ignored.

Cube may be small in size but extremely powerful with a color indicator that can be placed in jewelry, doll and watch storage cases. SD gets rid of your moisture issues not even in small spaces.

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Combination of dehumidification and nature

Designed small in size with natural marble patterns, brings a stylish atmosphere to life by providing a highly flexibility usage in extreme small spaces, allowing you to still reserves space that belongs just to you.

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Dehumidification can also be elegant

Flat design provides a higher flexibility in small spaces such as cabinets and drawers, keeping your jewelry and precious belongings far away and suffering from mold.

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With the combination of 360 circular angle and patented moisture absorption composites, Mushroom completely absorbs in annoying and excess moisture and prevents molds and fungi from growing on your belongings. When the color indicator turns blue, simply renew it for repeatedly moisture absorption

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Increased in size and moisture absorption capacity. With color indicator and capable to be placed in a standing position, Optera can effectively absorb moisture in wardrobes and bookshelves.

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