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The operating principle of traditional dehumidifiers are to reduce moisture in the air by  cold and heat exchange or chemical conversion which is driven by a motor. Meaning the disadvantage of traditional dehumidifiers are that they cause damage to the environment and aggravates water supply pollution and greenhouse effect by chemical substances. 


In order to improve the principle of traditional dehumidifiers, we established in 1995 and invested a lot of resources to develop dehumidifier products under the concept of environmental friendly and healthy living as the core value of business. We have successively obtained more than hundreds of patents in the European, American and Japanese markets and created SD brand for various dehumidifier applications in different professional fields, such as musical instruments, photography, sports, industrial supplies and military equipment, etc…




SD dehumidification products are mainly presented in the form of a “stone” invarious markets which is the first to be developed world wide. It’s core technology includes natural Silica sand with biodegradable patented formula and forming process. The dehumidifier stones are filled with a large amount of Nano-pores with strong moisture absorption and regeneration ability. 

The restored moisture within the stones can be discharged by heat and then again absorb moisture repeatedly, within a 10 years life span.




Environmental friendly

SD dehumidifier stones can be treated as general garbage when disposed. 

It’s natural decomposition rate is over 99.8% and is an environmental friendly product to our planet. 

In addition, it is non-toxic and non-harmful to thehuman body which has passed the SGS non-toxic inspection, the EU REACH non-harmful substance regulation, the US California 65 inspection and the FDA grade testing.

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