Simply renewable by microwave
Color indicator
California Prop 65 and REACH compliant

    Dimension | 9.8 x 9.0 x 2.8 cm

    Material | Nano Porous Silicon

    Casing | PC

    Net weight | 120g ± 10%

    Volume of absorption | 36ml ± 10% / cycle(25°C, 85% RH)

    Country of Origin | TAIWAN

    Working space | Available for 120L confined space

    Applications | Drawer, book shelf, locker, case

    Certifications |  REACH, California Prop 65

    US Patent No. US10549258 B2

    JP Patent No. 6766096

    KR Patent No. 10-2040045

    FR Patent No. 1855443

    CN Patent Pending


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